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Want to grow as a professional and be a part of a collaborative high performing team of financial professionals and business advisors? Join us at Murphy & Chung!

Internally, our mission is to recruit, mentor, and train highly talented financial professionals with the drive to be the business leaders of tomorrow. We help challenge our staff to think outside the box and aid them in developing both the technical abilities and character traits that will help them build a career specific to their individual goals.

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"The Murphy & Chung University"

Murphy & Chung sets itself apart from other firms because it has a big firm portfolio with a small firm feel, making it the best of both worlds. You will find yourself working closely with partners, managers, and a variety of other staff on any given day, and our open-door policy guarantees you quick access to everyone you’re working with. We are always looking for motivated professionals with a passion for business. Find your “purpose” at Murphy & Chung.

At Murphy & Chung, we stress ongoing education and the constant development of not just technical skills, but also soft skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership. At Murphy & Chung we are training and developing the next generation of CPAs, having designed a comprehensive internal training and mentorship program to develop and refine the skills needed to be a successful professional accountant.

Becoming affectionately known as Murphy & Chung University (MCU), we have developed an informal program of lunch-and-learns, using a combination of tutorials and real-life case studies to train and educate staff on challenges they will face in their careers as public accountants.

Staff are encouraged to work together in teams to solve the problems at hand, further fostering a collaborative environment in which they develop their professional skills. The education sessions are highly interactive, and staff are encouraged to participate in each one. Partners, managers, and junior staff all take turns presenting innovative ideas, complex tax scenarios, or myriad other topics that will provide new learning opportunities.

A unique training method we pride ourselves on is Partner-Mentor Training. This program gives the students we bring on one-on-one time with a partner each week to help build creative thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills for individuals seeking to manage or own businesses.

Alongside this, we encourage our staff to maintain a healthy work-life balance, offering work-from-home options to our team members, ensuring that they have the flexibility to meet all their personal and professional commitments on their own terms. We encourage active lifestyles, hosting lunchtime yoga once per week for those who wish to participate. We do half day Fridays from May to December to help promote a positive work-life balance and refresh after the long tax season. The firm also shuts down over the winter holidays to encourage staff to spend quality time with their families and friends.

Darren Rotsch

Senior Partner

"When I started my career in accounting, it seemed like a lot of paper pushing and number crunching. I wanted to spend my time working with business owners who are dedicated to and passionate about their businesses, while driving positive social impact. “

At Murphy & Chung, we have the flexibility to work with a diverse group of passionate clients that are making a tangible difference in the world. Being a part of this positive change is what motivates me and gets me excited to come to work every day."

Tim March

Account Manager

“I have worked as a public accountant for ten years and have been working at Murphy & Chung for six. In that time, I have progressed through all levels of the firm and into the role of account manager. Murphy & Chung is an established firm and with many opportunities for growth. The mentorship provided from the partner and manager level has helped shape me into the accountant I am today.

“In a mid-size firm like ours, you will find yourself working on files from front to back, and providing many different services for clients in the course of the day. We have clients from such a large variety of industries that the job never gets dull; with the breadth of services our firm provides, I still find myself learning something new every week.

“Another fulfilling part of my role as an account manager is to recruit, mentor, and train young accountants as they progress through their careers. At Murphy & Chung we aim to build a collaborative, supportive environment, and are continually finding ways to challenge our staff. Developing and mentoring employees is a top focus at our firm, as we know people are our most valuable resource. We have bright, vibrant, up-and coming staff, which makes coming into the office every day something to look forward to.

“Murphy & Chung is not your normal accounting firm. It is a progressive, close-knit firm that provides a unique learning environment, one-on-one mentoring, and I would not work for any other firm. It is just a fun place to be, and you’re surrounded by great people! “

Vinny Gupta

Staff Accountant

“At Murphy & Chung Professional Corporation, we run our business by prioritizing both a solid work culture and work-life balance. I have been working at Murphy & Chung for the past seven months, and my experience has been nothing but positive. In this time, I have learned about the accounting industry, gained the confidence to interact with clients, and built lifelong relationships—even strong friendships—with my colleagues. As an individual who comes from a non-accounting background, the managers here have invested their time and effort into training me, and they are wholly supportive of my pursuit of a CPA designation.  

“As a junior staff member, it is both an honour and privilege to be afforded opportunity to learn from seasoned veterans, while also getting the chance to engage and share with colleagues in similar career and life stages. The lessons I’ve learned at Murphy & Chung over the past few months have jump-started my career in ways I had never dreamed, and I am proud to be associated with the firm. Getting know each client on an individual level has been a huge influence in the pursuit of my own goals, and I have been able to gain both skills and inspiration along the way which will help me as I continue to build my future.

“We foster a work culture based on diversity, sustainability, and solidarity here. My experience has been nothing short of amazing, and I look forward to going to work everyday. As an accounting firm, we look to be trendsetters, and break the traditional norms of accounting firms as we focus on internal growth alongside customer satisfaction beyond just debits and credits.”